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Take a Guess 8

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Infrared Film Tests from last year

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Mailboxes, Dogwoods, and a Country Road

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My Kid, the Writer

For those who care to read it, here is a second story of the pitiful life of a photographer's kid, written by my oldest.

“Let’s see here…what’s on the agenda today?” Micki peered at her large list of places to photograph; about half of them were crossed out already.

Karrissa stood behind her, looking extremely tired. It was, after all 5:00 AM.

“Mom,” Karrissa groaned, “human beings shouldn’t be up at this hour! Can’t we go back to bed? For a little while?”

“But we’re already dressed! And besides—the world awaits!!” Micki struck a fancy pose, index finger pointed forward. “Here—I got a new lens. Hold this, peon.”

Karrissa took the lens begrudgingly (carefully packed up, of course), and slung it over her shoulder. “You just want me to carry all your stuff so it doesn’t seem like I’m taller then you..” she grumbled.

Micki blatantly ignored this. “Off to the bus station!” she declared, and took off.

Karrissa shuffled along behind her.


After the duo had reached the bus station, Karrissa realized something.

“Hey Mom, we were going to The World That Never Was, next, right?”

Micki nodded.

“But we can’t get there by bus.”

“Of course we can get there by bus!” Micki insisted.

Karrissa crossed her arms as best as she could while holding up the photography equipment. “No, we can’t. I’ve played Kingdom Hearts 2, so I know that you have to take a portal—like-thing. Of course, I haven’t actually been to The World That Never Was yet, it’s sorta the last stage in the game….must get there..Riku..nwehe..”

Micki backed away as Karrissa started to drool. She did her best to ignore Karrissa’s nerd rantings, just as Karrissa tried her best to avoid her mom’s photography rantings. It really only worked for Micki—she has the inherent ability to completely block out whatever she’s not interested in.

After about fifteen minutes of Karrissa rambling incoherently, Micki hit her in the head with a tennis ball.

“Right then! If we’ve got to take a portal to get there, then that’s what we’ve got to do. Where is this portal?” Micki questioned.

Karrissa shrugged. “No clue. “Haven’t gotten there yet, remember? I’ve only seen cutscenes that take place in it.”

While Micki was trying to figure out what was so great about these ‘cutscenes’ that Karrissa went on about all the time, a portal opened in front of the two of them.

Karrissa squealed. “YAY! I get to travel by portal!” She jumped in happily and vanished.

Micki eyed the black-and purple portal suspiciously. She really didn’t want to get in that thing—but, her photography stuff was on the other side. (Oh yeah, and her daughter) so she stepped in anyways.


Ah, the World That Never Was. Where it is always night, and rains often. Thus, there are many puddles on the clean sidewalks. Tall buildings with neon signs cover the entire city, and you can always see the moon.

Karrissa and Micki popped out of the portal into a mysteriously clean alley.

“That was cool,” Karrissa grinned, gazing back at the portal. “It’s gotta beat a port-key.”

“So this is TWTNW, eh?” Micki split a grin that was twice as big as Karrissa’s. “It’s—dare I say it again? PERFECT! ACK, I MUST TAKE A PICTURE OF THE REFLECTION OF THAT NEON SIGN ON THAT BUILDING IN THE PUDDLE!! LOOK, THE MOON! IT’S SOO PREETTY…”

Karrissa’s brain fizzled and sparked trying to understand this. She also wondered how her mom pronounced ‘TWTNW’.

Micki yanked a few of her camera bags off Karrissa (causing her to fall over) and eagerly unpacked them. She attached all her lenses..and filters, and whatever else it is that you put on a camera, and set up to take a picture.

Karrissa had given up on trying to understand her mom a few moments ago and was instead studying the portal. She was sticking her hand in and out and laughing like the nerd she was, when she spotted—


“Ohmigee, RIKU!” she squeaked, and started running. That is, until someone grabbed the back of her shirt.

Micki had just taken her 57th picture when she was also grabbed. Apparently TWTNW has trespassing laws, because both Karrissa and Micki (and the cameras) were tossed back through the portal by an Unknown.


Micki and Karrissa landed face-first on the ground, crashing into a soda machine. Micki was the first to get up, gasping and making sure all her cameras were still in one piece. Karrissa was to busy trying to make sure all of her was in piece.

Finding that everything was indeed whole, they both sighed in relief. Then they sat there bemoaning the fact that they had been kicked out. Micki muttered something about, ‘why do they keep throwing me out..?’

Karrissa abruptly started grinning. “An Unknown touched my shirt! Ohh, I hope it was Axel! If it was Xaldin, I think I’ll vomit…”

Then Micki squealed, because she realized that the reflection of the bus in the soda machine was—dare she think it—perfect!

So they both sat there, Micki snapping pictures of the soda machine and Karrissa slightly dazed, for the rest of the day.


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Ice Water, Eggs, and a Pretty Flower

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Empty House 1

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Macro Mondays -- Finally!

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Take a Guess 7

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A Make-Shift Filter

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24mm Close Ups and Ketchup...mmmmm

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Men at Work - Series Two

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Uninvited Diner

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Boots and Blooms

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New Blooms This Year

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Take a Guess 6

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Three Signs for Saturday (from my expired roll of Tri-X film)

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My Daffodil Shot for the Season

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Mom the Photographer

As many of you know, I homeschool my older children. Three times a week, the two oldest have creative writing assignment. They usually write a part of a continuous story line made up of video game and anime’ (Japanese animation) characters that they are so entertained by. After I awhile, I entered into both of their storylines. In my oldest daughter’s writings, I am a photographer pixie who is slightly annoying and spends most of her time sitting on someone’s lap or warm computer monitor waiting for the perfect shot. Then she comes to life with a little burst of cosmic energy that doesn’t end until the shot has been taken. In my second oldest’s writings, I am a crazed lunatic with an unnatural obsession for Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean. This wild woman has been know to knock down doors to get into the house that her main characters share because she heard the lighting on the toilet paper roll in the upstairs bathroom was just right. Where do they come up with this stuff. :p

Anyway, my oldest daughter has two different assignments on those days. The entry below is what she came up with from her second assignment on Monday. I thought it most entertaining, and that I would share. Am I really that crazed??

Goal: Sequence events in chronological order

Write a story about something that is unpleasant for the main character. To help you get started, plan your story below.
1. Where is your character?
2. List seven things that happen to this person.
3. List them in the order that they happened.
4. How does the story end?
Now you are ready to write your story.

Ah, Twilight Town. Where it is always twilight. This provides an INFINITE number of sunset pictures. However, it does have its drawbacks; one of them being that you really can’t tell the difference between day and night. So when Micki the photographer arrived there, she was a little confused.

“Hey, what time is it?” she wondered aloud.

Karrissa, who had gotten dragged along as per usual, had a watch, so SHE knew the time.

“Um, nine PM.”

“AWESOME!” Micki squealed. “Sunset pictures, here we come!” She ran off gleefully.

“Wait! MOM!!!” Karrissa cried, burdened with ten bags and two tripods.

“Hurry up peon!! I can’t take pictures without my cameras!!”

Karrissa grumbled darkly and ran to catch up with her mom. “Couldn’t—you have gotten a MULE or something to carry this stuff for you?”

“A mule can’t ride in the van,” Micki stated matter-of-factly.

~On the train~

“YAYAYAY!” Micki squealed. “According to my photography magazine, there’s a lookout over there that’s just PERFECT for taking pictures!!”

Karrissa ulped, looking out the window to the nothingness below. “Ummm..” she squeaked, “w-what’s holding the track up???”

“Who CARES!” Micki cried. “Pictures! Hey, can I have seven-thousand dollars?”

“Sure..” Karrissa replied without thinking, still staring out the window in fright.

~At Sunset Lookout~

“OHMIGOSHSQUEEE!” Micki cried. “I’m in heaven! Give me that (insert weird number here) millimeter lens!”

Karrissa sighed and handed it over.

“PERFECT!” Micki exclaimed, hurriedly fixating it to her camera. She quickly began snapping pictures.

Karrissa sighed in boredom, letting her gaze roam around the area, when she spotted a familiar head of blonde hair.

“Is that—Roxas?” She gasped. “Well we ARE in Twilight Town…ROXAS!!” She screamed, attempting to take off running. But of course, it’s IMPOSSIBLE to run when you have thousands of dollars worth of camera equipment strapped to your back.

“What are you DOING, Karrissa?” Micki asked, continuing to snap pictures.

“Nothing…” Karrissa muttered, sitting down in defeat.


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A Glimpse of my Town

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Men at Work and The Answer to Take a Guess 5

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The Old Coke Building

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Foggy Morning One

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The Wall

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Steeple Reflection

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Old Roll of Tri-X Part 1