Thursday, January 04, 2007

THURSDAY'S CRITTER -- Goose in the Evening Light


Blogger micki said...

Camera - Konica Minolta 70
Film - Kodak Ultra Color ISO 100
Shutter Speed - 1/90
Aperture Setting - f-5.6 Program Mode
Lens - Sigma 70-300mm zoom lens @ 300mm
Scanning Method - Epson Perfection 4990 Photo scanner

It is hoped that you would respect my ownership of the images posted here on Shutterbug Underexposed, despite the ease with which you could copy my photos. If you would like a true photographic print of any of my images, please contact me at and I will be happy to provide you with one.

Today’s photo is one of those I had wanted to post when I received the print back in May, but couldn’t because my old scanner couldn’t properly scan the image. Well, it was no problem for the new scanner. So here is “Goose in the Evening Light.” Better late than never.

9:32 AM  
Blogger Don said...

I really like the position of the goose's head relative to the side light. The rim lighted effect adds to the dramatic impact. Nicely done...Congrats to the new scanner too!

10:29 AM  
Anonymous Pooriya said...

It's so great shot.
I like the blury background and your nice composition.

11:02 AM  
Blogger Monterey John said...

Geese certainly have, well, er, personality. My old office in St Louis was built in a former bean field. The geese did not care about its "former" status. the still nested there in the spring. The chose the islands in the parking lot. Getting out of your car was a daily adventure at that time of year.

11:02 AM  
Anonymous Laurie said...

The lighting is perfect. Glad you got that new scanner it is doing a fantastic job.

11:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We used to have geese when I was young and still at home. Personality is right. They have plenty and will let you know up front what they think.
Lovely shot, congrats on the scanner.
How did we live before scanners???

12:42 PM  
Blogger Lu said...

Oh!! what a lovely capture... wonderful!

12:49 PM  
Anonymous Taswir said...

great shot, the contrast is perfect

12:54 PM  
Anonymous Otto K. said...

I love the lighting here, Micki. Lovely shot.

1:52 PM  
Anonymous Jeff Ambrose said...

Lovely light here Micki, just the right time of day.

2:06 PM  
Anonymous Doug said...

As others have said, beautiful lighting here, especially on the head.

2:32 PM  
Anonymous P.J. said...

I like the shot! It's like you are right on top of it! Nice job, Micki!

3:11 PM  
Anonymous Still said...

I like a lot your Critter. This one is stunning and so quiet in the beautiful light!

4:00 PM  
Blogger photowannabe said...

the look on the goose's face is great. Kind of ,what are you doing taking my picture? I don't have my makeup on yet.

4:08 PM  
Anonymous paul` said...

That's a beautiful critter, Micki. But, to tell you the truth, I'm missing my frogs! How are they getting along? :-)

6:10 PM  
Anonymous AG said...

I can well imagine your old scanner having problems here but this new scan lives up to the name of Perfection. The strong lighting has held up well and the detail in the shadows remains firm.

8:25 PM  
Blogger daisies said...

such beautiful light ...

8:47 PM  
Anonymous H.O said...

Very beautiful image Micki :)

9:51 PM  
Blogger Sandy said...

What beautiful light in this image.

1:09 AM  
Anonymous Suby said...

You got a new camera or ssanner or something, the clarity of your images starting to come through a lot more, this for me is an awesomely beautiful capture.


2:57 AM  
Anonymous Fantom Poet said...

This shot has a lovely light and I like the way the goose is holding its head high and proud for its portrait

4:07 AM  
Anonymous sil said...

Nice capture, micki. And the light is just perfect.

8:46 AM  
Blogger frame of mind said...

I still look forward to these shots that were previously not scanworthy - gorgeous side lighting here to accentuate the curious attitude of this feathered friend :-)

11:43 AM  

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