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Blogger micki said...

Camera - Konica Minolta 70
Film - Fuji HQ ISO 200
Shutter Speed - 1/90
Aperture Setting - f-13 Aperture Mode
Lens - Sigma 105mm macro/portrait lens
Popped the built in flash
Scanning Method - My scan from my cheap little hp officejet 5510v all-in-one copy/scanner/faxer/printer

Yesterday was, by far, the prettiest day of the season. The colors on the trees were the best I’ve seen them in the twelve Falls I’ve been living in the south. I’ve not seen yellows that bright and never so many trees in so many shades of red. I told my girls to enjoy the scenery, because it wouldn’t be like this again the rest of the season. The blue skies made a perfect backdrop to it all. Sure enough, today the skies are gray, the wind is blowing, rain is due, and temps are falling. I’m kind of bummed about the cooler weather coming in. I’ve been running this week in shorts. Not today.

There’s another cat hanging around. It’s shy, and runs away if I get too close. This is another one that’s we’ve always seen since we’ve been here. I would refer to this one as the ‘raccoon cat.’ It looks like a cross between a raccoon and a cat. If it starts coming up to the porch, I’ll feed it, too. Why not? I did get a photo of it and ‘our’ cat this week. Oh, and we’ve had some does coming through the yard in the mornings now and again. I’ve got a salt lick out for them. If they ever notice it, maybe I’ll get some good photos in.

OK, I never use a flash, and for today’s critter shot I took many exposures without one. But when I was finished, I had one shot left, #25, on the roll. I had taken the extension tube off the lens, so I popped the flash for the last shot. I like the details I got. Today you get the flashed beetle. He was about two inches long. Later in the winter I’ll share some of the other shots I took. We were face to face for awhile.

9:24 AM  
Anonymous armeen said...

i would like to see some face to face shots with this beetle. as you mentioned the deatails are great though the flash has given it a bit of an artificial look.

our pretty fall is gone. i'm bummed too but i'm looking forward for some winter shots now :)

10:17 AM  
Blogger Don said...

What an awesome looking creature. The flash did alright by you. I usually manage to blow close ups out with my flash. Nice shot.

10:52 AM  
Anonymous Christian said...

I hope you got a lot of beautiful shots yesterday.
Micki, i love how you share your daily life with your visitors.

It's very funny.

11:35 AM  
Blogger photowannabe said...

Creepy, great shot. Don't know if I would want to meet him face to face.
I love your life commentary. Its fun to have a peek into others lives.

1:17 PM  
Anonymous Montereyjohn said...

Did you Fridge this one ? :) Nice details indeed.

1:19 PM  
Anonymous Brett Admire said...

cool and gross. hahha Love the detail here though

1:24 PM  
Anonymous Ricardo said...

Escarabajo is very interesting and photogenic. Very good photo. Greetings!

1:31 PM  
Anonymous Suby said...

Page opens, heart skips 6 beats, skin starts to crawl, image already imprinted in brain (nnnnoooo) Creepy crwalers, quick click on post a comment link.... aaahhhh salvation, no more creepy crawler image to make my nights hell, lovely capture though :)


2:33 PM  
Anonymous Robin said...

I though "Flashed" was the type of Beetle. And then I worried that you had "Flashed" the beetle. ;-)

Now I get it.

I'm blonde and a bit slow.


2:35 PM  
Anonymous Laurie said...

We have the most beautiful reds and yellows here this year too.

The beetle is very sharp and clear. Nice details.

3:12 PM  
Anonymous P.J. said...

I'm not the biggest fan of critters and bugs, but this shot is a good one. Crisp capture.

4:20 PM  
Blogger Jasp said...

Leaves are still changing here. Impressive looking creatures Beetles!

4:40 PM  
Anonymous Paul said...

I generally find insects fascinating but, for some reason, I don't like beetles. Never have! Anyway, it's a good shot. Glad that you brought the flash out!

5:04 PM  
Anonymous wim said...

Great shot. Thanx for the comment. Nice to know another (film) photographer.

7:57 PM  
Blogger Dave MacIntyre said...

Handsome! Love his nicely manicured orange fuzzy bits! :D

8:52 PM  
Anonymous Ashish Sidapara said...

Its always fun to read the story behind the shot, this one is no exception. Great work Micki!

9:54 PM  
Anonymous outdoorexposure said...

yr flashed help bring up all the detail...great capture and nice exposure:-))

10:18 PM  
Anonymous H.O said...

Thank you very much Micki for your introduction my photoblog I appreciate you.

Nice beetle's shot! Do you like Beetle ? :-o

1:19 AM  
Anonymous Still said...

Another of your sympathic little friends. ;-)) Nice details.

2:39 AM  
Anonymous david kleinert said...

he is a very cool beetle Micki! great shot :)

5:02 AM  
Anonymous AG said...

Seems like your place is a magnet for anything that can crawl, trot, burrow, slither or fly in! Great details on the (chilled?) beetle.
Here in the UK, too, the fall weather has been exceptionally good and the colors are simply the best I can remember.

5:06 AM  
Anonymous david said...

good shot, but what an ugly little critter!!

5:41 AM  
Blogger frame of mind said...

The flash did well in showing all the bristly little details here - I'll look forward to seeing some more from this roll.

7:49 AM  

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