Sunday, October 29, 2006



Blogger micki said...

Here it is every one, Take a Guess Sunday.

12:37 PM  
Anonymous MA said...

Something from one of your downed trees.

1:54 PM  
Anonymous Karl said...

could be something to eat, maybe some kind of pastry :)

3:49 PM  
Anonymous Laurie said...

I think it looks like a broken piece of tree with bark and sap dripping from it.

3:58 PM  
Anonymous Still said...

I suppose that belongs to a tree...

5:12 PM  
Blogger Dave MacIntyre said...

I'm guessing apple strudle or some other variant of strudle! Cool wahtever it is! :D

5:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looks kinda sappy and grainy to me.
In a good way of course!

6:06 PM  
Anonymous outdoorexposure said...

look like tree bark..really nice texture and colors:-)

9:04 PM  
Blogger photowannabe said...

Is it an oyster on the half shell? Come on tell us.

9:35 PM  
Blogger Patty said...

A cave ceiling or wall.

3:20 AM  
Anonymous AG said...

Well, all the guesses seem plausible so there’s no help there. I think I’ll settle for part of a fallen tree, decaying. If it turns out to be your best apple strudel, I know I’ll never get invited ‘round!

3:32 AM  
Blogger bkphotography said...

hm... cake? wait, there's a bubble-something... oyster?

It has to be an oyster *stands resolve*

4:10 AM  
Blogger Stardog Champion said...

I think I've been watching too much CSI, because that looks like burned skin. Sorry, I had to be honest.

5:38 AM  
Anonymous Paul said...

Hmmm. The end of a broken branch with some ectoplasmic goo that came from a passing Halloween ghost?

8:13 AM  
Anonymous Fantom Poet said...

I'm gonna guess at a break in some bark on a tree? with a little sap dripping or is it an insect egg?

8:53 AM  
Anonymous Ashish Sidapara said...

Its that time of the week when i realize i suck at guessing :(

11:01 AM  
Anonymous Ashish Sidapara said...

And oh, i absolutely love the colors!!

11:02 AM  

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