Tuesday, October 10, 2006



Blogger micki said...

At the end of the road…

Camera - Minolta Maxxum 7000
Film - Fuji HQ ISO 100
Shutter Speed - 1/20
Aperture Setting - f-9.5 Aperture Mode
Lens - Sigma 70-300mm zoom lens @ 90mm
Scanning Method - My scan from my cheap little hp officejet 5510v all-in-one copy/scanner/faxer/printer

As the weather cools and the sun moves further west when it sets, the sunsets get mighty pretty around here. I’ve been waiting since April, so we’re due. I took this shot at the end of last month one evening when I drove down to the end of the road to turn around and get my mail. This is looking through the trees to the little cove at the end of the road. Behind the cove are the tall grasses that were covered with water from all the rain we received last weekend, and behind that is the York River. The sun is setting behind the trees that line Colonial National Historic Parkway which will take you from Yorktown into Williamsburg along the river on a very pretty drive.

9:15 AM  
Blogger Don said...

I like the way the trees frame the beautiful sunset.
Very appealing shot.

9:34 AM  
Anonymous Otto K. said...

Really lovely shot, Micki. Nice silhouettes and framing.

9:52 AM  
Anonymous NoWords said...

Enchanted! Nothing else needs to be said...except..wonderful!

10:25 AM  
Anonymous Solaria said...

Beautiful colors -- I especially like the softness in the silhouette of the trees..

10:55 AM  
Blogger Donncha said...

Oh wow, I love this! The trees frame the sunset and the colours are just beautiful!


10:58 AM  
Anonymous Nick said...

Great exposure! Great colors and camera position. Nick

11:03 AM  
Anonymous aj said...

Great time of day, really like the silhouettes.

11:16 AM  
Blogger PhotoSam said...

just such a lovely colour - silo combination here...8/10

12:33 PM  
Anonymous DAVE said...


12:44 PM  
Anonymous Doris said...

What a beautiful spot to watch a sunset!

12:50 PM  
Anonymous Ashish Sidapara said...

Lovely silhouette and the colors are so vivid, great shot!

1:10 PM  
Anonymous Doris said...

HAHAH i forgot to tell you!

We had some unexpected wind yesterday LOL and well the tree that half of fell on the neighbors house last winter ( that the landlords didn't take care of!) well th second trunk broke off yesterday! luckily no damage this time it fell between our fence and shed! LOL so we will be falling a 2 trees this weekend, the one next to it is dieing so we might as well take both down since the landlord wont!

Makes for good fire wood next winter and i don't have to worry about them falling on our house now!

1:13 PM  
Blogger Robin Freeman said...

Wow Micki, this is gorgeous.
Lucky you to live in such a beautiful place.
I love getting glimpses of your life.

Get that fiddle! Why wait?
And if you come out for Hardly Strictly next year, you can stay with me and jam with my SO's bluegrass band!


1:50 PM  
Anonymous AG said...

You’ve got some lovely blue-blacks there to frame that sunset and the sky has just the right amount of fire. A great sundown study.

2:01 PM  
Anonymous Laurie said...

Really lovely shot, just beautiful.

3:03 PM  
Anonymous Chris said...


3:10 PM  
Anonymous Gabriel Loeb said...

Well, I am partial to silhouettes, but this image is just beautiful. The colors are absolutely stunning. What are a wonderful capture. One of the most beautiful sunsets I've seen.

3:22 PM  
Blogger ndiginiz said...

Tena koe ehoa
A peaceful and wonderful scenic look at some of your location Micki. An interesting gamut of colour too!

4:24 PM  
Anonymous Still said...

A great and peacefully harmony there! Just what I need today!

4:33 PM  
Anonymous Christian said...

Fine sunset through the trees.
I imagine you taking the shot, your long hair shining in the sun. Lol

4:45 PM  
Anonymous outdoorexposure said...

amazing colors...i like the frame from the tree silhouette...nice capture:-))

4:47 PM  
Anonymous darr said...

Beautiful! I want to be there.

6:39 PM  
Blogger Sandy said...

This is such a nice peaceful image. Nothing like a pretty sunset.

9:55 PM  
Anonymous Intern said...

Absolutely gorgeous capture. love it.

10:24 PM  
Blogger Naturegirl said...

This photo of sunset truly gorgeous!I can just imagine the emotion you felt in taking this shot!Great capture Micki!

10:57 PM  
Blogger Ash said...

Gorgeous sunset!

2:53 AM  
Anonymous jlc said...

so your country landscape are beautiful too Micki ! ;)

3:39 AM  
Blogger Paul said...

What a beautiful sunset, Micki. Great shot!

6:31 AM  
Anonymous Fantom Poet said...

You composition / framing is great I really like this sunset it creates a feeling of peace ...what a wonderfull area you live in.

6:52 AM  
Blogger Stardog Champion said...

I'm really getting jealous here. Everyone but me seems to be gettin great autumn/sunset shots but me :( Lovely shot here--love the silhouette of the trees and the colours in the sunset.

7:32 AM  
Anonymous torekimi said...

Change the tree to palms and you've been in the tropics on holiday! That's handy.

8:17 AM  
Blogger Chris Fry said...

What a beautiful array of colour Micki. I love the tree silloutes (?).

9:01 AM  
Anonymous david said...

gorgeous shot - we've not seen anything but grey skies for months it seems now!

9:08 AM  
Anonymous Karl said...

really nice sunset and cool trees around your home :)

9:31 AM  
Anonymous John said...

Nice feel to this shot and colour

5:51 PM  
Blogger bkphotography said...

A very awesome and might I add colourful potograph. It sure gives off the 'end of summer' vibe. You know, like on one of thise late evenings shortly before vacations are over. Oh and those silhouettes - simply beautiful!

4:46 AM  
Blogger Cool Daddio said...

Mighty gorgeous sunset! I hate the fall time change coming up and 5pm sunsets :-(

10:25 PM  
Anonymous P.J. said...

I'm still trying to get out there and find some great sunsets. Was hoping to get that chance in Maine and never really had it as I was always doing something else during that time. There have been some nice ones around here, so I'm trying to plot where to try and take a photo of one on a day off!

1:08 PM  
Blogger [t e r r o r k i t t e n] said...

Lovely shot Micki....you really can't beat a good sunset...love iot. Phil

9:42 AM  
Blogger frame of mind said...

Simply stunning - what a view to have so close to home!

7:19 AM  

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