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Blogger micki said...

The sun at the end of the road has moved back far enough to the west that I can start shooting the sunset again. My son and I were down there last night watching and speaking with a gentleman who’s been living in this area for twenty years. He had his digital Nikon, but neither of us took any images. I’ve shot enough times down there to know when not to. It was, however, a spectacular sunset; the most beautiful sunset that I’ve seen since last winter.

Today’s post is one of my favorites from the latest roll of infrared I shot in June. The polarizing filter and red #25 filter combo is working out well for me when shooting infrared. I’ll still get a true infrared filter some day, but they are so expensive, and I don’t shoot infrared that often, to justify a purchase just yet. Besides, with the filter combo, I can use auto focus. I can’t do that with an infrared filter. It is usually recommended that you shoot at f-11 when taking infrared, but this roll I took some practice shots, some of them stopping the lens all the way down. Everything worked out well.

Camera - Minolta Maxxum 7000
Film - Kodak HIE Infrared that I rated at ISO 100
Shutter Speed - 1/6
Aperture Setting - f-11 Aperture Mode
Lens - Minolta 28-85mm zoom lens
Polarizing Filter and Red #25 Filter
Scanning Method - My scan from my cheap little hp officejet 5510v all-in-one copy/scanner/faxer/printer

Things I’m Thankful to Cliff For… Showing me you can drive all night after working all week long when you really have some place important to go.

8:54 AM  
Blogger Don said...

A striking image. I like the relationship of white tree to fluffy clouds. Very nice.

9:02 AM  
Anonymous leeroy said...

Wow, looks like it's sitting in a meadow of cotton candy. Isn't it fascinating that there is a world of energy beyond what we can see?

9:43 AM  
Anonymous Craig Wilson said...

Very cool and unique, love this.

9:57 AM  
Blogger Joel L said...

Great to see old fashion infrared! I've tried this film long time ago, with amazing results! Snow in hot summer :-)

10:40 AM  
Anonymous Laurie said...

Lovely soft image...fluffy!

10:50 AM  
Anonymous Otto K. said...

Very cool IR image. I really like this a lot.

11:18 AM  
Anonymous david said...

tremendous! a very fine infra-red image micki!!

11:28 AM  
Blogger Sandy said...

Great job Micki. Very Cool!

11:32 AM  
Anonymous suresh said...


11:46 AM  
Anonymous DAVE said...

That's so wicked. Wow!

11:47 AM  
Blogger Monterey John said...

Micki, you do some great stuff with the IR film. I'm going to have to try that sometime. But for now, I'm heading back to the cliffs this afternoon.

11:58 AM  
Anonymous AG said...

This is a lovely subject for IR and the result is very encouraging. The tree is spectacular.

12:30 PM  
Anonymous outdoorexposure said...

awesome IR!!! beautiful contrast..i love the barn-great focal point surrounding wt bright tone from the trees...u got a perfect sunny day for IR, excellent shot:-))

12:36 PM  
Anonymous Doris said...

I am really starting to love the IR shooting. I found a place that will even make your Digicam permanent IR ( I guess for those rich guys that can afford to have more then one body LOL)

They are so beautiful! I just may have to lookin to some filters :-)

12:38 PM  
Anonymous Karl Baumann said...

wow, great effect! looks like lots of snow :-)

12:47 PM  
Anonymous Steve W said...

Interesting shot, at first I thought it was a winter scene. Very nice.

12:52 PM  
Anonymous John said...

This infrared works well. I have never tried this for real, must do it sometime!

1:39 PM  
Blogger doodlehedz said...

what a great shot. i admire you not going digital. this picture reminds me of kansas. i lived there for a while wish i would have had a camera then. your effects are amazing. truly awesome.

2:00 PM  
Anonymous Ashish Sidapara said...

Just lovely, have a great weekend!

2:23 PM  
Anonymous Justin Gaynor said...

Great infrared shot! Infrared can be so difficult but you really nailed it here.

7:44 PM  
Anonymous alan said...

Always loved infrared - this one is really stunning. Beautiful.

9:06 PM  
Blogger Jill said...

What a GREAT effect!! Looks good against the black, too. Nice!!

9:56 PM  
Anonymous Still said...

Wow! What a splendit shot. Great effect forthis nice subject!

2:11 AM  
Anonymous david kleinert said...

great stuff Micki - nice to see stuff from different types of film! cheers :)

3:50 AM  
Blogger frame of mind said...

Your IR experiments are always a treat - that old building is just hovering in ghostly silence, guarded by that gorgeous tree. Wonderful stuff :-)

7:10 AM  
Blogger Paul said...

Wow! Micki, that is crazy cool! :-) Right now, I'm just being a geek, sitting in front of Starbuck's, using a wireless connection. It's my last day at the beach. :-)

I really like that IR effect. Also, as usual, I love the story that goes with the photo. I really like to be out with my camera and talk to people. Someone always wants to talk and I'm more than willing. :-)

10:34 AM  
Anonymous KK said...

lovely lovely capture, the sun, the lighting, the mood, I especially love the clouds.

5:47 AM  
Anonymous Paxton Prints said...

Nicely done! I love how the infrared film exposed this image (and with no Photoshop help!).

10:45 AM  
Anonymous Eddie said...

Like the infrared images, They subject photographed really suit the medium.

4:56 PM  

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